Why Are Soccer Fans Separated – The Reason is Surprising!

As soccer fans, we long to cheer up for our favorite teams through various means – by watching the match on television, campaigning on social media for our favorite players, and cheering in person. When you watch a match on the TV, you can observe the oddness in the seating arrangement of soccer fans. This would’ve provoked you on the grounds of management biases, but the truth is different. 

Soccer fans are separated for three reasons – game policing, giving an upper hand to the home team, and categorizing fans based on their team preferences. If you’re supporting a home team, you’d be offered a seat accordingly. This also means better amenities at the seating grounds. 

If you’re keen to gain a better perspective on the ongoing climate of soccer, you should scroll further. 

Soccer Fans And Separation

Soccer Fans In Stadium

Separating soccer fans based on their preferences is a new phenomenon in this game. Ever since it evolved and attracted crowds, fans enjoyed sitting together without restrictions. However, at one point, spectator hooliganism evolved and shook the peace of the game. According to Britannica, English fan hooliganism began in the mid-1960s that led to injuries and discrimination. 

In certain instances, soccer fans also engaged in malpractices such as alcohol consumption to cheer up intensely and get rivals (opponent team) off. Owing to these issues, various soccer associations (especially in England) prioritized the separation of fans for peace of the match. This promoted better clarity as fans took only allocated seats. 

How Do Football Stadiums Separate Fans

Football Stadiums
Football Stadiums

Football stadiums separate fans based on their entry/exit pathways, colors, and seat locations. Usually, home teams have more seats for local visitors to participate in expressing their support, while away teams have limited seats. 

In most cases, football stadiums adopt one or more practices mentioned below to separate fans:

  • Different paths to enter and exit the stadium 
  • Colored seats or blocks to identify them easily 
  • Fans (of home and away teams) sit opposite each other. 
  • Some stadiums indicate the location of a team’s fans with flags and relevant cues. 

Let’s say a match is proposed between Manchester and Arsenal. Manchester fans sit on one side, and Arsenal fans sit on the opposite. This will reduce violence among fans and promote better viewer experiences

Can Away Fans Sit With Home Fans

Fan Seating
Fan Seating

Recent soccer rules insist on separating away fans from home fans, as it can result in poor harmony and violence during the game. However, some away fans choose neutral attire and request the home team’s ticket. 

Away fans usually sit towards their end stands, and their ticket prices significantly differ from those of home fans. However, some away fans trade tickets with home fans for better experiences. While this is unethical, some fans continue expressing their support for both teams by choosing a better seating view. 

Undoubtedly, home fans are equipped with seats that offer great views and an excellent atmosphere. Hence, the trading of tickets occurs exclusively for the luxury associated with it.

Is Standing Permitted In Soccer

Standing Tickets
Standing Tickets

Most governments banned the concept of tickets for standing and watching the match as it affected the momentum. However, those teams taking the top two divisions can request standing areas that are concrete slopes. 

In order to eliminate the mess between tickets for standing and sitting to watch the game, several stadiums have installed foldable seats and separated rows with metal rails. The notion is to ensure safe standing. However, standing tickets aren’t always permitted. 

Final Thoughts

When you watch a game as a fan, it’s hard to control your emotions when it comes to your favorite team. To sustain harmony and control emotional outbursts among fans of both teams, soccer stadiums, governments, and associations have decided to segregate seats for fans and enhance overall experiences.






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