How Fast Do Soccer Players Run Mph – We Did the Research!

The running speed of a soccer player is directly proportional to the performance in a game (depending on the position of the player). Soccer is one sport that strongly relies on the physical capacity of a player to cover a specific distance in every game. Some players run extremely fast and cover wide distances in a match. 

Soccer players run at a speed of 11-15 mph depending on various factors like position, physical capacity, and the type of match. Alphonso Davies and Gareth Bale recorded the highest speed of 22.69 Mph. 

In this article, we’ll look at the average speed of a soccer player along with a list of notable players who’ve made huge marks in history.  

Do All Soccer Players Run Fast

Playing Soccer
Playing Soccer

Most soccer players run at an average speed of 10 mph, and the number increases based on the position of the player. However, some soccer players, like goalkeepers, have a minimum distance to cover and run comparatively slower. 

Suppose you’ve ever wondered about the speed of soccer players compared to players in other sports. In that case, it’s essential to recognize that soccer players record better speeds compared to basketball players but are moderately slower compared to football players.

Here’s a list of positions that require players to run faster

PositionExpected running speed
Central defender Moderate running speed
WingerMaximum efficiency is needed
Striker High speed is required
MidfielderHigh speed is required

Having said this, professional soccer players are still expected to remain athletic and record good running speeds, although not exceptional numbers. This is due to the nature of the sport

Top 7 Fastest Soccer Players 

Soccer Kick
Soccer Kick

Alphonso Davies is the fastest soccer player running at a speed of 22.69 Mph. He’s followed by other players like Acraf Hakimi, Adama Traore, Marcus Rashford, Kylian Mbappe, Erling Haaland, and Inaki Williams. 

Player nameMph
Alphonso Davies22.69
Acraf Hakimi22.67
Adama Traore22.61
Marcus Rashford22.55
Kylian Mbappe22.42
Erling Haaland22.39
Inaki Williams22.13
Soccer Players running speed in MPH

Let’s look further into each player’s background. 

Alphonso Davies 

Bayern Munich’s star player, Alphonso Davies, has recorded the highest speed in the Champions League. Over the years, his performance has persuaded soccer fans to consider his name synonymous with the left wing-back position. 

He’s the fastest soccer player with exceptional potential to balance the ball and the pitch. Thanks to Davies’s exclusive dribbling style, he’s more likely to retain this position, considering his tactics and traits. 

Acraf Hakimi

Acraf Hakimi is well-known for his tactical full-back. He’s a Moroccan speedster who never fails to add value to Inter and excels in his counterattacking style

The player has been consistent over the years in national soccer and perhaps made it incredibly difficult for other players to overtake his position. 

Adama Traore

As a talented Wolves winger, Adama Traore is synonymous with a physical beast who can transform a regular season into a game of pride, quickness, and interest with his physical potential

Adama Traore maintains a track record of 22.61 mph. 

Marcus Rashford 

Let me be honest. Marcus Rashford, people’s favorite winger from Manchester United, has been winning hearts with his rapid actions and amazing running stat. 

With his impressive stats, there’s a huge anticipation from his fans (including us) for him to make it to headlines going forward. 

Kylian Mbappe

If one had to boast about the extraordinary acceleration of a player, Kylian Mbappe wins it undoubtedly. Young age, Mbappe is one of the fastest soccer players and also skillful when it comes to handling the ball

Notably, his accomplishment at 19 years of age at the World Cup still stands tall! 

Erling Haaland 

Dortmund’s favorite, Erling Haaland, has constantly made it to the list of fastest soccer players. There are many aspects contributing to his performance – consistent speed, impressive goalscoring, and athleticism on the pitch. 

Inaki Williams 

As a spectacular goalscorer and one of the fastest soccer players, Inaki Williams is a Spanish professional who’s an excellent defender and enhanced the stand of his team with his ball strength and pace. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re a fan of soccer, you shouldn’t miss taking a closer look at the speed movement of players. Irrespective of the level of the game, you can notice how soccer players achieve rapid running speeds and also stay alert throughout the match. 

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