How Much Does It Cost To Make Soccer Cleats? Complete Guide

A good pair of soccer cleats may be your most essential sports career investment. But the varying prices leave many customers wondering: how much does it cost manufacturers to make soccer cleats? 

It costs companies an average of $20 to $40 USD to make a pair of soccer cleats. Wholesale soccer cleats can be found for as little as $15 USD in China, Korea, and India. Keep in mind that manufacturing costs do not account for overhead costs like rent and marketing expenses.

Below, I’ll answer several other questions about the price of soccer cleats and how to go about finding the best pair. I want to help you be kind to your feet and your budget!

How Much Does It Cost To Make Soccer Cleats?

Soccer Cleats
Soccer Cleats

Overseas manufacturers produce non-name brand soccer cleats for as little as USD 7 a pair. Soccer cleats made by name brands like Nike and Adidas will cost closer to USD 35.

Assembly lines and low worker wages in developing countries enable low production costs. The demand for soccer cleats worldwide makes it a perfect gig for countries with a lot of factory workers.

How Much Does an Average Men’s Soccer Cleat Cost?

Soccer Cleats
Indoor Soccer Cleats

The average price of men’s soccer cleats for 2021 is USD 148.86. However, the cost of cleats varies greatly depending on the skill level of the player. Cleats for children can cost USD 30, and top brands for professionals often cost USD 250 or more.

Top-of-the-line soccer cleats are not necessary for good playing. College athletes may want to branch out into higher-quality brands, but if you play recreationally, there is no need for anything above USD 200. Middle-range players often spend between $70 and $140.

How Much Does an Average Women’s Soccer Cleat Cost?

soccer cleats
Soccer Cleats

The average price of women’s soccer cleats is the same as men’s: USD 148.86. As with men’s soccer cleats, you will find a range of shoe prices based on your skill level and how well you need to perform in the competition.  

The differences between men’s and women’s soccer cleats may seem subtle, but they make all the difference on the field. Men and women put pressure on different parts of the foot while running, and wearing the wrong shoe will put you at greater risk of injury.

These need differences are why there is no quantifiable variation between the prices of men’s and women’s soccer cleats. The shoes must be marketed to the two groups independently without the option of a person switching over to the other sex’s cleats for money or style reasons. 

Are More Expensive Soccer Cleats Better?

Synthetic Soccer Cleats
Synthetic Soccer Cleats

Expensive soccer cleats are worth the price increase. Higher-quality cleats will provide better support and mobility for your foot throughout the game and allow you to play at your best. 

The more you plan on playing soccer, the better your cleats should be. Soccer cleats are especially important in the world of sports shoes because the entire game is played with the feet. You need to run, control the ball, and pivot without encumberment. 

It would be best to consider how often you play soccer and how long the expensive shoes will last. If you play soccer twice a week, a cheaper pair of cleats will wear down faster than an expensive pair, leading you to spend more money purchasing “cheap” cleats in two years than you would if you simply bought a costly pair once.

That said, always check the reviews on expensive soccer cleats before you buy them. When you buy from a brand with name recognition, you are paying for proven quality and the right to wear the company name. It is possible to purchase from an expensive brand and still not get what you want.

If you can, take a look at where your previous soccer cleats have fallen apart or become worn. These marks will show you where your foot puts extra pressure on your shoes during a game. If the seam by the arch is flat or tattered, make sure your new cleats have good arch support.

What Are the Best Affordable Soccer Cleats?

Soccer Cleats
Soccer Cleats

Diadora, Joma, and Mizuno shoes are the most affordable among popular soccer cleat brands in 2021. These shoes range from USD 60 to USD 95 while still giving you a high-quality cleat.

We talk more about the benefits of each shoe and what the company is known for below. After that, we give some general tips on how to find affordable cleats.

  • Diadora: While you can easily find high-priced soccer cleats from this company, many of the options are just below USD 100. You will find stylish cleats in all sizes and for all types of terrain, whether it be firm ground or artificial turf. 
  • Joma: Most Joma cleats cost around USD 80 or less. This is an excellent price for a fine brand, and Joma hosts many sales that can be used to your advantage. These soccer cleats are a great option if you want a good brand for a low price!
  • Mizuno: Mizuno is a Japan-based company that produces some of the cheapest soccer cleats available. The typical cost of Mizuno cleats is just USD 60, but it can go up to USD 300. You are sure to find what you need with a range of models and prices from which to choose!

General Tips

You can shop name-brand without buying the flashiest shoe by going to second-hand sports stores. These shops will not have as many options, but usually better deals. If you’re buying online, keep in mind that older shoe models are often just as good as the new releases but have significantly lower prices. 

Final Thoughts

I hope this article has helped you in the shoe buying process. It can be hard to know what a fair price for soccer cleats is, but luckily, others have done the research so that you can reap the benefits! If you take the time to seek out a quality pair of cleats, they can last for decades. 


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