Can You Wear Earrings While Playing Soccer: The Answer May Surprise You!

The professional soccer match comes with several rules and regulations, just like every other professional sport. One of them is the way you dress and the accessory you wear. Players that do not abide by the official regulation on outlook are penalized variably. 

What about earrings? Are they allowed? Let us look at what the game has to say about each jewelry.

Can you wear earrings while playing soccer?

The International Federation of Association Football prohibits wearing earrings due to safety risks. Most competitive games encourage players to remove and keep earrings in a locker, while non-competitive games allow taping earrings. 

Referees are responsible for performing a physical examination to ensure players do not wear jewelry, including earrings, rings, necklaces, and rubber bands. These accessories pose safety risks and can injure other players during the play. 

Why are earrings not allowed in soccer?

Earrings are not allowed in soccer as they can risk all players and affect the overall safety and mood of the play. 

Professional soccer leagues hold referees accountable when earrings cause injuries to other players. When referees fail to comply with official rules, they are exposed to serious troubles. While some non-professional games allow taped earrings, they can still pose risks as they get stuck on other’s jerseys. 

Can I tape earrings in soccer?

tapes for earrings
Tapes for Earrings

Taping earrings in non-competitive soccer games are allowed. You can use a plastic band to tape earrings. 

The ideal method is to use a plastic band-aid that is sweat-proof and waterproof. The next step is to cut it in a way that covers the earring. Some players commit the mistake of taping the entire ear, and this is not needed. 

As the earrings are taped, it is essential to inform referees about it. Some referees are sensitive about going against the rules of the game

Are piercings allowed in soccer?

Piercings In Soccer
Piercings In Soccer

Piercings are prohibited in competitive games as contact with them would land other players with serious injuries. 

Players with piercings are instantly rejected from playing the game. It is strongly advisable to wait a few weeks and pierce during the off-season. For those players with pierced noses or ears, it is recommended to remove them, considering the safety of players and the regulations of the game. 

Are piercing covers allowed in soccer?

Piercing covers are allowed in certain non-competitive soccer games, but most leagues prohibit them due to their safety risks. 

Whether you use a plastic band to cover them or not, they are still against the law. Some referees also penalize those players on the basis of the violation. 


Everything you Need to Know About Earrings in Soccer

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