How To Play Striker In Soccer 

The position of the striker is one of the most important ones in soccer since it is the person who usually scores in matches. This means that the player in this position must possess a particular set of skills that will enable them to secure a win in a game. So, what is required in order to play striker in soccer? 

To play in the striker position in soccer, the player needs to develop necessary techniques, such as shooting accurately and quickly as well as controlling the ball with the whole body. Furthermore, they need to be prepared to act promptly in challenging situations with defenders and to use their skills to create scoring opportunities.

Everything that is necessary to play the striker position in soccer is explained in this article, so keep reading to find out how to become a great striker. Learn about the techniques of strikers, and what kinds of skills they need to possess to play the position appropriately.

How To Become A Good Striker In Soccer? 

Striker in soccer
Striker in soccer

As the name suggests, the striker’s position is to strike goals, i.e., to aim for scoring and securing wins. That being said, it is obvious that this is a crucial position in soccer. This means that the striker must have astoundingly-developed techniques and skills to achieve this position in a team. 

To obtain these skills, the striker must understand their position in the team well and on the field. In other words, they are required to show excellent discipline and work on their role as a striker. More clearly, every player in this position is expected to perform the following tasks: 

  • Scoring goals consistently and accurately. 
  • Controlling the ball with the whole body. 
  • Creating space and situations for scoring. 

Scoring Goals Consistently And Accurately 

Scoring Goal In Soccer
Scoring Goal In Soccer

Scoring goals is the main responsibility of the striker; otherwise, they will not be suitable for this position. It is expected from this soccer player to be able to perform quick shots when there is a chance and to be as accurate as possible. What is more, they are not only expected to score precisely but also to do this consistently. 

Occasional scoring may happen by any team player, but from the striker, it is expected, so they have to work on their striking techniques seriously. That means continual practice on quick shots, volleying shots while the ball is in the air, as well as heading the ball effectively.

Controlling The Ball With The Whole Body

As previously mentioned, the striker needs to have significantly-developed shooting techniques and strategies, including controlling the ball with the whole body. In other words, the player in the position of a striker has to be able to perform shots and score with the whole body, not only their feet. This means that they have to use both feet, chest, and head as shooting weapons. 

Some drills and exercises that may help the striker polish these techniques are the following: 

  • Challenging the whole body through juggling helps to maintain control of the ball. 
  • Hitting the ball while using long passes with increasing speed.
  • Practicing crosses and drilling shots against a hard surface, such as a wall. 

Creating Space And Situations For Scoring

Suitable Striker Position For Scoring
Striker taking penalty shot

It is important to point out that the game does not revolve around the striker, even though they have a significant position in every match. The striker has to create space for other players to create a scoring chance. An excellent striker should play intelligently enough to allow other players to score if there is an opportunity for something like that. 

This means that the striker has the responsibility to pressure the opposing team’s defenders whenever an opportunity arises. They can do this by moving around quickly, or running past them, so they can follow them, and another player on the team will have a shot at scoring.

What Is The Right Attitude For A Soccer Striker?

Attitude Of Soccer Striker

While the techniques and skills used and applied during games are crucial, the striker must also have a particular attitude. Namely, the success of the striker does not only depend on their skillful playing but also on the attitude with which they present themselves. This refers to the striker’s attitude towards the coach, the teammates, the game strategies and training, and the composure shown on the soccer field.

Positive Mindset 

A good striker needs to be assertive and competitive, yet positive towards both wins and losses. Every player in a soccer team is required to play with particular positivity built in mind, but for the striker, this should be a mandatory characteristic. 

As previously mentioned, the striker’s position is one of the most important ones in a soccer team, meaning that strikers are certainly under a lot of pressure. In order to reduce the stress from this pressure, they have to create a positive mindset and perform on the field with positivity. 

Respectful And Supportive Team Player 

Even though the striker has an important position in the team, that does not mean that they should behave like only they are the important ones for the game. Namely, the striker must be respectful and supportive towards the other teammates. They also need to be helpful, and to be open to criticism. 

Practice Mental Toughness 

Strikers need to show physical strength and power on the field, but they also have to be mentally strong to be able to perform as it is expected of them. Self-talk is one of the necessary methods to enhance a strong mentality for this position and build confidence.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is The Difference Between A Striker And A Forward In Soccer? 

The striker’s position is further forward than any other player’s position, while the forward is positioned behind them. The main role of the striker is to score goals, while the main role of the forward is to create scoring chances. 

How Many Strikers Are There In A Soccer Team? 

Generally, there are two strikers in a soccer team. However, some modern soccer teams may position three strikers to establish a more solid game strategy. 

What Number Does A Striker Wear On Their Jersey? 

Jersey numbers are often interchangeable, meaning they do not always have to be the same for all soccer players worldwide. However, when it comes to strikers, they usually wear the number 9 on their jerseys.

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Final Thoughts 

Hopefully, this article helped you understand the striker’s role and all their responsibilities. If you intend to train for a striker, you should not wait anymore since you already have all the necessary information and tips for this position.  

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